ofolux lighting systems
Flexible Strips
Mod. GS

The series Flexible Led Strip GS is suitable both for interior (version no IP) and for exterior lighting (version IP65).
It can be installed for light decoration, panels or displays, marking paths, etc… in several lighting colours.
The fixing can be made by adhesive tape for an easy installation.

LED - 3528 - 30 Led/m
LED - 3528 - 60 Led/m
LED - 3528 - 120 Led/m
LED - 2835 - 120 Led/m
Mod. GS
LED - 5050 - 60 Led/m
LED - Side Emitter - 60 Led/m
LED - RGB - 30 Led/m
LED - RGB - 60 Led/m
Mod. FT

The Series Art. FT Flexible Led Strip is specifically designed for the Automotive sector, with fuse protection incorporated in the electronic circuit, 10.5 ÷ 16.5 Vdc voltage range and with polarity reverse protection.
It is supplied both in the no-IP version, suitable for indoor lighting, and in the IP65 version for outdoor lighting.
It is suitable for a variety of applications such as decorative lighting, back lighting, etc... and it is available in different lighting colors.
The fixing can be made by adhesive tape for an easy installation and by screws for a stronger fixing.

LED - 2835 - 30 Led/m
LED - 2835 - 60 Led/m
LED - 2835 - 120 Led/m

Flexible Strip for homogenous and dot-free lighting.
It offers a comfortable ambient lighting, ideal to create individual design.
Utmost flexibility: customized length up to 5 meters.
Available IP20 or IP67 protection.
Weather resistance.
Fixing by pressure.

LED - 2835 - 168 Led/m - 4x10 mm
LED - 2835 - 120 Led/m - 6x12 mm