Environmental Policy
The environmental policy is contained in a document approved by the Management and reviewed annually to ensure that it is appropriate to the organization's activities.

The Company Policy defined below, has the primary purpose of defining the reference framework for the development of the company management system, in order to achieve continuous improvement of the organization.

The Policy takes into account the environmental effects resulting from the performance of its services and the prevention of pollution, the commitment to comply with the applicable requirements concerning its environmental aspects.

The Management has identified in the EMS the most suitable tool for facing and solving environmental problems and compliance with the laws.

OFOLUX SRL therefore undertakes to:

  • Improve its EMS in relation to voluntary environmental standards;
  • Ensure constant compliance with applicable laws and other regulations;
  • Communicate and make staff aware of the importance of operating in compliance with the system directives in terms of respect for the environment;
  • Consider respect for the environment as a business goal to be achieved and constantly improved by defining specific objectives for the various functions and levels;
  • Empower all staff in order to make them aware of their obligations regarding environmental protection.
  • Ensure information in relation to its business and this policy;
  • Check that suppliers and any contractors working for the company adopt the same criteria and comply with mandatory regulations.
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